Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – How to Legally Dispense Medical Marijuana in California

California and MarijuanaBefore medical marijuana was legalized, many horribly sick individuals had to obtain their medical cannabis through illegal means in California. Some must still do so in other states across the country.

However, since 1996, Californians have been able to legally grow, sell, and buy medical marijuana through the use of medical marijuana dispensaries to treat AIDS, cancer, anxiety, glaucoma, cheap drugs without prescription and many other debilitating conditions. Without the use of medical cannabis, these patients would suffer while attempting to use prescription drugs that don’t assist them sufficiently.

There are thousands of medical marijuana dispensaries throughout California and the other States that have authorized its medical use. While the DEA no longer shuts these dispensaries down for violating federal drug laws, in spite of Californians voting to allow it within their state lines, there are still strict legalities that must be followed to operate a medical marijuana dispensary.

Running a successful business or organization of any kind is not an easy task, but legally selling medical cannabis can be even more difficult if you don’t know and understand the laws.

What are the legal guidelines for operating legitimate medical marijuana dispensaries? Among them are the following 8 tips we have to offer.

1. Operate as a non-profit organization

2. Collect sales tax from all patients.

3. Only dispense to qualified patients and caregivers.

4. Don’t sell other prescription drugs, unless you are licensed to do so.

5. Obtain your cannabis stock from qualified growers and distributors only.

6. Follow the attorney general guidelines for your State.

7. Keep complete and accurate records of your marijuana dispensary’s compliance with all laws and regulations.

8. Set up an automated dispensing machine for your patients, to insure your facility is following all of the above rules and regulations.