Tacky as it may sound, they had me at “Hello”. When the good folks of AZ campaigned for MM, I was on board, and when it passed, I was both shocked & elated. I knew I wanted to be a part of it. But how? So, I reached out to Medbox. The staff was (and still is) professional, candid, and accessible. They treat people with respect & exhibit great patience, more than me, in dealing with doubters and haters. Many of my friends and colleagues were afraid to get involved in the industry. Medbox made me feel comfortable and confident about investing, and I did. They made no false promises nor guarantees of riches; they told it straight.

Well, several years later, my investment has paid off, and it may turn out to be life-changing for my family. The most important thing to me about Medbox is that the principals have remained open, candid, non-defensive and accessible. To this day, they respond to my phone calls or emails, which is truly amazing, given their success and their schedules. Medbox is their professional life, and they show unwavering dedication. In addition, their generosity is something I not only did not expect, but I’ve never seen anything like it before, i.e., they give back to the shareholders, and they give back to the community.

Both company heads, Vince & Dr. Bruce, have been great to me. They have worked tirelessly to grow the company and its value. Their actions show that they care about their customers and their shareholders. I give them and their company an unqualified endorsement!

Randy H. – Arizona
Client & Shareholder

As one of the earliest and one of the largest Outside Investors of Medbox, I have a very strong statement to make.

“Medbox is the best thing to ever come into my investment life.”

Every response has been quick and accurate to every question I’ve had. Sometimes the answer arrives before I have a chance to ask the question.

Medbox has been totally transparent with facts and figures about the Company Operations. I am so glad that I invested in Medbox. The return has been phenomenal !!

The Executives of Medbox have built a very solid foundation for future growth. This industry is in its infancy and Medbox is one of the solid leaders. (I believe the stock market agrees with me!) Medbox has the tools and patents to grow the Company. They have the flexibility to make product changes as the market grows.

I wish I had bought more stock when I could.

Jim Gavin – New Mexico

We would like to thank you and your Team for all the help and support you provided. You helped us start and operate our first dispensary, if it wasn’t for Medbox we would not be where we are today. We are looking forward to opening many more locations with Medbox in 2014.

Thank You,
R. Doktorovich — Los Angeles & San Diego

Medbox has been instrumental in not only helping us establish ourselves in the medical marijuana community, but they also continue to give us the confidence to move forward knowing they will be there to help navigate the incredibly grey areas of MMJ legislation successfully.  More importantly they help to build your foundation on the most stable ground available, offering to light the path of least resistance in these still early  “dark days” in the MMJ industry.

They have given our company the position, confidence and support to grow in this competitive thriving MMJ market.  Being set up for success from day 1 allows us to focus on more important aspects of our business’s growth.  They offer long term strategies for success and help to support you along the way at your pace.

M. Antonucci – Sherman Oaks, Ca

As a seasoned professional in real estate development, I have never seen so much red tape from local municipalities. Regardless of the excessive requirements, if it wasn’t for Medbox stepping up and exceeding their contractual obligations, there is no way I would be able to obtain two dispensaries in Arizona. I am extremely fortunate and honored to say that I am part of the Medbox Family!

K. Voris – Arizona

Medbox helped me secure a license in a very desirable location in metro Arizona. Unfortunately, my partner and I ran into some major impediments that almost cost us the opportunity to build our dispensary before the state imposed deadline. If we had not built our dispensary in time, we would have lost the license we worked so hard to secure. Vincent found out about the situation and personally handled our build-out on credit until we were able to pay the company back. The company also filed a lawsuit for its clients and forced Arizona Department of Health Services to extend their deadlines an extra year. I owe my new business to Vincent, Dr. Bruce, and the gang at Medbox.

J. Chacon – Kind Meds – Arizona

I contacted what was then Vincent’s private company, Medicine Dispensing Systems, back in 2011 so I could get started in the MMJ industry with a leader. Vincent has ushered me through every step of my desire to operate a new business and I credit him and Medbox with getting my small group of partners a dispensary license in Arizona. I couldn’t have done it without him and his expert team. In fact, when the Arizona government challenged the dispensary program and licensing was halted for a year, Vincent gave me a personal loan of $7,000 in order to help me and my family out as we had invested most of our money into the new business and were not expecting the circumstances beyond everyone’s control occurring at that moment. Vincent didn’t have to do that but that’s why Vincent is as successful as he is. He always tells me that in life people should pay it forward and not expect anything in return. Well, I can safely say that Vincent deserves all the success. He has worked hard for it!

L. Anderson – Arizona – Benson Management Services, LLC

Dr. Bruce and Vincent made it possible for me to be part of a ground-breaking industry of medical marijuana. I couldn’t have done this without them and have learned a lot about the industry as a result. Looking forward to the future!

R. Phifer – Arizona

I have been involved with Vincent and Dr. Bruce since the investment group I am a part of was formed and hired their services in Arizona. They have always put their client’s interests first and always produced on what was promised. Their advice has always been well reasoned and conservative. I value them as business consultants, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, as friends.

Dr. B. Cantor – Arizona
Client & Shareholder

Vincent & Bruce, since day 1, have always put their client’s and shareholder’s interests ahead of their own with complete transparency at all times.  Thank you for making our project in Arizona a success by navigating our interests through the extremely complex and fluid maze of Federal, State and Local regulations.

J. Gigliotti – Arizona
Client and Shareholder