Patented Technology

Medbox, Inc. is proud to announce that a company affiliate has been granted Patent Numbers:  US 7,844,363 B1 and US 8,818,820 B1 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its medicine dispensing systems. That company’s founder wanted to develop a system that allowed for safe and secure access for patients that require medicine, while still giving clinic operators a powerful tool to help with inventory control and medication management. The machine limits abuse and ensures all patient data is securely kept onsite, at the pharmacy location, via computer based application. In addition to exclusive licensing rights being granted to Medbox on the issued patent, our company has licensed exclusive rights to 4 other pending patents filed by an affiliate entity. One pending patent is for a system to allow a consumer to store and subsequently retrieve items from a storage locker after card swipe and identity verification (Safe Access Storage Lockers). Another pending patent pertains to a system to allow for a pharmacist to store a filled prescription in an electronic lockbox for subsequent retrieval by a customer after identity verification (Medbox Rx). We are very excited about the new products and have already commenced manufacturing of these new models as an addition to the Medbox family.